In demand pet store – tracker manufacturer “barks” further down the fast lane


Although consumption is declining and inflation is also playing a role, tractive remains true to its growth trajectory. The specialist for dogs and cats from Pasching is still growing strongly thanks to the American offensive. The million limit for active users falls this year.

“Yes, We Can!” was the slogan that Barack Obama came up with on his way to the US presidency in 2008. A motto that probably also applies to the migration offensive in North America. Because: two years after entering the American market, this will be the largest market for the manufacturer of GPS trackers for dogs and cats in a few weeks. “We are growing faster there than in any other country,” says boss Michael Hurnaus. In addition to the US, Germany and Great Britain are also among the top 3 on the traction map.

The company is able to cope with price increases in all areas of life and the associated reduction in purchasing power: “We are still growing very well, between 50 and 70 percent year over year,” says Hurnaus. It is also expected that the million limit for active users will fall this year.

Huge milestone within reach
“This is a huge milestone,” says Hurnaus. Together with Wolfgang Reisinger, he heads the company of the GPS tracker specialist, which has now grown to 220 employees. The campus in Pasching alone, which was founded exactly one year ago on the day, employs 200 people.

Are you already integrated? “Yes,” they both replied. Outside there is still some work to be done. The kennel built for the employees’ animals still needs a fence…

Source: Krone


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