In three years, fish sticks became up to 50 percent more expensive


A comparison by the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor showed a horrifying price increase for everyday food. Within just three years there was a significant increase in inflation, especially in one area that was surprising.

Three years, three products: roasted ham, fish fingers and mozzarella. The Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor has now compared how much you had to put in your wallet over the past two years for these products with the same filling quantity and without promotional prices.

Price differences are shocking
The results are shocking: white cheese is on average 29 percent more expensive today than in 2021, prices for fish fingers have increased by an average of 42 percent and on average you have to spend 47 percent more money on roasted ham. The largest price difference for mozzarella is 44 percent, for fish sticks 50 percent and the brand of roasted ham has become as much as 53 percent more expensive.

Largest price increase for ‘cheap’ own brands
The largest price increases occurred for discount items and private labels. This is not unproblematic because many people opt for these supposedly cheaper items due to rising prices.

AK is now calling for politics
The prices of organic products, which are inherently more expensive, have increased significantly less. “Contrary to Chancellor Karl Nehammer’s announcements, inflation has recently risen again. This is due to the total failure of politics. “The federal government must now finally intervene in the market to regulate it and make housing, energy, heating and food affordable again,” said AK President Andreas Stangl, calling on politicians to intervene.

In August, inflation in Austria was 7.5 percent – ​​with a slight upward trend recently.

Source: Krone


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