Dismissal a mistake? – OpenAI apparently wants to bring back the former boss


The completely unexpected resignation of OpenAI boss Sam Altman has caused a major uproar in the AI ​​industry. Apparently, the board of directors regrets the removal of ChatGPT’s founder from power. According to a media report, talks are already underway to bring Altman back.

This was reported by the American technology website ‘The Verge’, citing several people familiar with the matter. Apparently the board of directors did not expect such an echo. Following Altman’s ouster, other top company executives and, reportedly, numerous members of its research and development department resigned.

Investors apparently threatened a bailout
According to the New York Times, both Altman supporters and several investors have pressured OpenAI board members to reconsider their decision. There was even talk of leaving for a new company with Altman as boss.

Microsoft, which owns 49 percent of OpenAI, emphasized that it will maintain its partnership with the AI ​​group. At the same time, the software giant made it clear that the company cannot simply withdraw from the partnership: “We have a long-term agreement with OpenAI and have access to everything we need to implement our innovation agenda.”

Source: Krone


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