Tyrolean company boss – “Order boom, but we miss the staff”


Tyrolean company boss – “Order boom, but we miss the staff”

A demand tree, but like many places in Tyrol there is a lack of employees! In the “Krone” interview, the Wörgl entrepreneur Christian Kinigadner talks about the turning point in the labor market, the futile search for employees and what the problem is.

„krone“: Mr. Kinigadner, you employ seven people at your visual communications company. The question would tolerate a lot more people?
Christian Kinigadner: Yes, we could easily make a third more turnover, because despite the Corona crisis, a lot is being invested in the catering industry. But above all, we lack professionals for production and assembly. I don’t think 1800 to 2300 euros net is so little. The use of a private vehicle is also included, and if you would like a mobile phone, please do so.

Which channels do you use to search for employees?
One speaks to every acquaintance, whether he knows anyone. We have had the vacancies on our homepage for three years now. The AMS asks us what craftsmen we need and I tell them we’ll take everyone – even to clean up on the job site. Then AMS forms have to be filled in first, but then nobody comes.

Were your grandfather and father better off as corporate bosses?
Those were the days when the 14-year-old, accompanied by his parents, went to ask for an internship. Now we have organized a learning and trade fair. But 90 percent of the students say they want to continue going to school about their future. Unfortunately, the notion that only high school and college are worth anything is still widespread.

What does it mean if fewer and fewer young people want to learn a trade?
As so often in life, it’s all about supply and demand. The applicant notices how much he is needed in a company and many are currently asking 500 euros more per month than they would have asked five years ago. This development will also increase costs enormously if, for example, a professional comes to your home for a repair.

Has the “balance of power” between the boss and his employee in general changed?
Fortunately, our small team is quite consistent and excellent. But it takes tact to ask people about overtime. Sometimes I put myself on the blue outfit when I need to. My whole holiday last year consisted of two two day trips to Lake Garda.

Doesn’t that sound very optimistic for the future?
The additional costs must be reduced. My grandfather didn’t need a bank to buy a house, that’s long gone. Because we entrepreneurs can hardly bear the tax burden. In terms of staff, we aim for a four-day working week, maybe that will help.

Source: Krone


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