Social Security added 30,000 workers in July


Minister Escrivá announces this month the increase in the number of affiliates, representing an increase of 300,000 additional workers so far this year and 650,000 since the start of the pandemic

The month of July continues the good trend in employment. According to data released this Wednesday by Social Security Minister José Luis Escrivá, there has been an increase in enrollments estimated at 30,000 net workers, measured for seasonality.

In this way, Social Security is adding 300,000 additional affiliates so far this year and 650,000 more since the start of the pandemic, the minister explained at a press conference.

In addition, job creation is very “extensive and generalized”, especially in the science and engineering sector, where it grew 16.7% this month. The hospitality industry, which until now has been a more “lagging” sector in terms of employment, is also returning to pre-pandemic levels of affiliation. It already has 1.7 million members, which is at the same level as in February 2020, just before the covid crisis broke out. During the years of the pandemic, the sector has destroyed 300,000 jobs.

In this way, the average employment growth is comparable to that of the 2017-2019 period, which were “very good years in terms of employment,” according to Escrivá. The membership level thus remains above 20.3 million donors.

Most autonomous communities are showing positive growth, albeit “with significant differences”. The head of social security specifically alluded to Madrid, which “is experiencing virtually 0% employment growth and is pulling down a bit”.

In terms of job quality, there were 1,125,000 more permanent contracts signed than in the pre-pandemic years, while fixed-stop contracts have grown by 440,000, according to data divided by Social Security. Escrivá blamed the labor reform for “improving the quality of employment”, with a “growing increase” in the stability and length of contracts. For example, the average duration of signed and terminated contracts increased from 18.7 days in 2019 to 23 days in 2022, 23% more.

Source: La Verdad


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