New Allegations – Hypo Salzburg Plagued by Lack of Customer Money


A former Hypo employee is said to have not only invented loans, but may have also diverted money from customers.

Bang in the cause of fabricated loans at Hypo Salzburg! As reported, a former employee of a Flachgau branch not only invented customers for at least four years, for whom she then took out consumer loans. About three million euros should have flowed into their pockets.

The ex-bank advisor would also have funneled money from real customers. According to reports, the woman would have withdrawn deposits from savings accounts and the like of her mostly older clients in several cases. The “amounts” generated in this way probably slipped into their own pockets unnoticed.

At Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich, the new, serious allegations are covered – Hypo is a brand of the Upper Austrian bank.

“We have conversations with customers and make sure that no customer is harmed. We compensate the customers accordingly,” said spokesman Michael Huber. The damage incurred is “100 percent for the account of the bank,” said Huber.

Bank does not provide information about the extent of the damage
The cases were made aware of by the internal investigations being conducted in the context of the fake credit cause. The extent of the damage and how many customers have been affected cannot and will not be said due to the ongoing investigation, said Huber.

The cases that have now become known have been handed over to the police. It remains unclear how the woman was able to proceed despite the applicable four-eyes principle.

As reported, internal bank investigations in the summer of 2021 revealed the fake loan incident. The Salzburg prosecutor’s office is currently not only investigating the woman for infidelity. The authority has named five other suspects in the investigation. Four people are being investigated on suspicion of money laundering, another is suspected of embezzlement. Home inspections have also taken place.

Source: Krone


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