Prices rise sharply – Ryanair boss: ‘The time of flights of 10 euros is over’


Flying around half the continent by plane for only ten euros? That will no longer be possible. As the boss of Ireland’s low-cost airline Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, announced on Thursday, there will be no more such low prices in the future. Due to the enormous increase in costs, this is no longer profitable, he explains. Ticket prices will therefore rise sharply.

O’Leary sees no room for extremely cheap fares between 1 and 10 euros in the coming years, he explained to British radio station BBC 4. The average ticket price on Ryanair would increase from € 40 last year to € 50 in the next five years. years, said the Irishman.

More and more people are looking for cheap flights
The reason for this is the rise in the oil price. However, O’Leary does not believe that people are giving up flying because of increased energy costs. He bets that even more customers than before will be looking for cheap flights. “I think people will become much more sensitive to prices, so I believe many millions will be looking for cheaper fares,” said the Ryanair chief.

No understanding for airport chaos
With regard to the recent difficulties at UK airports to cope with passenger numbers, O’Leary has made allegations against their management. The airports would have had months to prepare. It is the responsibility of the airports to ensure sufficient security personnel. He attributes the fact that Ryanair has recently had to cancel relatively few flights to the decision to hire and train new cabin crew and pilots in the autumn despite the micro wave in the corona pandemic.

Brexit remains a big problem
A major problem in the UK remains Brexit, O’Leary said. Leaving the EU turned out to be a “disaster” for the free movement of workers. It’s time to think about partially undoing the “stupidity of Brexit” and bringing the UK back closer to the EU through a new free trade deal, the Ryanair boss said.

Source: Krone


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