Like a miracle – after almost 3 years, Hunderl “Oggy” is back!


A family from Graz never expected it since their beloved dog “Oggy” disappeared in 2019 – but now their missing four-legged friend has been found in the woods.

That almost borders on a miracle! It has been almost three years since a family from Graz was thrown into deep despair and shed many tears. Her beloved Shih Tzu mix, then a year old, had escaped. “After the walk, we just leashed him in front of the front door and the little crook was gone,” says Frauerl Maja Krstic. Searches were immediately launched, messages were posted and all possible authorities were notified. “But he remained as if he had disappeared from the face of the earth. We never got over the loss.”

“Owner was at first stunned, then overjoyed”
That happened in 2019 in the Wienerstraße in Graz – the little hybrid has now appeared in Vasoldsberg! “We went for a walk in the evening,” the finders say. “The little one ran towards us at dusk, very trusting. We waited for an owner to come, but he wasn’t there. And there’s not a house far away.”

The finders drove the dog to the animal protection association “Purzel & Vicky” in Vasoldsberg – owner Ingrid Stracke checked and noted that the four-legged friend had a chip that had been registered. “Impossible to make mistakes. I notified the registered owner. She was stunned at first, then overjoyed.”

The reunion was indescribable: “Our dog recognized us immediately! He ran towards us, it was barking and squeaking, the greatest joy.” Where “Oggy”, who is in good nutritional condition and well cared for, was in these years is completely unclear.Krstic: “But someone must have taken care of him and been nice to him. We would like to know what happened to him.”

Source: Krone


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