Ana Blanco stops presenting Newscast after more than 30 years


The historic Basque journalist stays with the TVE staff

Ana Blanco (Bilbao, age 61) retires from presenting TVE Newscast 1 after more than 30 years, most notably since 1990, as head of the public broadcaster’s news, during which time she has managed an impeccable professional career and a to maintain a discreet private life. As ‘El Confidencial Digital’ progresses and this newspaper has been able to confirm, Ana Blanco will not join the group of news presenters in the new season of TVE which will see other changes in different time periods. However, the presenter does not leave the public network, but most likely will direct programs or news specials. Already last season, which runs from September 2021 to July 2022, the Bilbao journalist stopped presenting the first edition of the Newscast for a few days and was replaced by Alejandra Herranz.

According to “El Confidencial Digital,” Blanco was “tired” of presenting the news, so she decided to agree with the company’s management before the holidays to leave the newsroom. However, Blanco’s departure from the Newscast had weighed on the arrival of José Manuel Pérez Tornero at the head of RTVE. Last year it was already thought to “give new life to TVE news”, something that will finally take place in this new season. However, at this hour of the morning, TVE has declined to comment officially on the matter.

A reference for viewers and professionals inside and outside TVE, the journalist first appeared on the channel, on September 15, 1990, during which time she has maintained impeccable professionalism (they say that it is almost impossible for her to make a mistake reading the news on the teleprompter) and in which her image has barely changed with her iconic short hair with bangs and a face that doesn’t seem to have passed the time.

Source: La Verdad


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