TV revolutionizes afternoon programming in search of new audiences


TVE, Antena 3 and Telecinco will be launching new content in the coming months to keep the evening audience company

The afternoon program on television will have news on the main general channels in our country. TVE, Antena 3 and Telecinco are immersed in the search for new projects to maintain a fundamental audience to increase the daily screen share: the one who watches television during the siesta and comes home after the end of the workday. The evening close is essential to boost the prime time audience and even the monthly leadership. This is the case with Antena 3 which together with ‘Pasapalabra’ and ‘Tierra amarga’ consolidated an attractive offer for the viewer that allowed the network to take the top position continuously since November 2021.

In this context, after the reform of the morning slot with a renewed ‘La hora de La 1’ and the current affairs program ‘Hablando Claro’, TVE now focuses on the afternoons, where a restructuring has been underway since the cancellation of the series. ‘Dos is alive’ in January. Before the end of the year, the public broadcaster will also stop the police series ‘Servir y Protección’, starring Luisa Martín and Roberto Álvarez, which has been broadcasting since 2017.

To replace both fictions, the first broadcaster reported this Monday that a new daily series will soon be premiered, entitled ‘Lapromise’, with a choral cast consisting of Ana Garcés, Arturo Sancho, Eva Martín, Joaquín Climent, María Castro, Antonio Velázquez, Andrea del Río, among others, and who will also reflect the class struggle at the end of the Restoration. A woman, revenge and a great love story are the ingredients of the new production, set in 1918 and shot in natural locations, such as the El Rincón Palace or the Jaral de la Mira.

In this sense, La 1 also plans to restore for the siesta a classic of its programming that disappeared in 2013: the Latin American soaps that have brought so much joy to the old entity over the decades. “It is a time when the consumption of television series is fundamentally coming from Turkey, we believe that from TVE, because of our commitment to the Spanish American world, we should bet on products for Latin American television series,” stated the director of General Content of RTVE, José Pablo López, in the program ‘RTVE responds’. In addition, the new competition ‘El comodín de La 1’, presented by Aitor Albizua, and a more extensive format of ‘Aquí la Tierra’, starting at 8 p.m., will complete the evening offer on public television.

Antena 3 is also preparing a quieter revolution in light of its afternoon programming for this fall. The Atresmedia channel has consolidated its leadership in two spaces that enjoy great public support (‘Pasapalabra’ and ‘Tierra amarga’), but is now trying to strengthen its advantage with the inclusion of the journalist Sonsoles Ónega, of Telecinco, to your list from presenters.

For example, the channel is preparing ‘En nu Sonsoles’, a new current affairs format, of which few details are known, but which aims to fill the gap in the ‘¡Boom!’ competition. The intent is to capitalize on the juicy appeal of the audience following the Turkish series. With this proposal, Antena 3 puts the focus directly on ‘Sálvame’ to consolidate the evening leadership and take the first position of the pink magazine presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez, which still holds it in some afternoons. In fact, it is not excluded that Atresmedia will regain the social chronicle and heart in this new format, with which it aims to overshadow the Telecinco program with its own weapons.

In the case of the main Mediaset chain, the gap left by ‘Pasapalabra’ after his departure to the competition remains his specific Achilles heel. Neither ‘It’s already 8’ nor the expansion of ‘Sálvame’ with its ‘watermelon’ version have captured the interest of the public this year. As the conundrum unfolds with the format the slot will occupy prior to the Pedro Piqueras news, Telecinco has started promoting the successful telenovela ‘Café con aroma de mujer’, which is already available on Netflix. It is the ‘remake’ of the 90s fiction broadcast, which tells of the impossible romance between a young man belonging to a prominent and influential family in the coffee industry and a humble coffee picker.

Source: La Verdad


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