Piqueras, third option and minimal audience after Telecinco’s changes


The nightly news program fell below 9% of the screen after the puncture of ‘Coffee with the smell of a woman’, relegated to Divinity for its data

Three years after the departure of ‘Pasapalabra’ from Telecinco by order of the Supreme Court, Mediaset has still not found the format suitable for the competition presented by Christian Gálvez, now simultaneously on Antena 3 but hosted by Roberto Leal. The chain looked for other formats of the same genre – it recreated ‘El precio justo’ and ‘Alta tensión’ with little public success-; he opted for news and heart with ‘Ya son las ocho’, a replacement for ‘Ya es mediodía’ that Sonsoles Ónega led in the afternoon; he expanded “Save Me” with its tomato, banana, and watermelon versions; and it even brought up the prime time reality show (“Secret Story”) last season at 8 p.m. to stop viewers from bleeding. And these constant changes in the comic have had an additional casualty: the nightly news program hosted and directed by Pedro Piqueras.

Because the latest news in the afternoon from Telecinco has not lived up to expectations. The free broadcast of the telenovela ‘Café con aroma de mujer’, the new adaptation of the mythical Colombian series that triumphed in the 90s, available on Netflix, has succumbed to the competition, with ratings not remembered at the time in Telecinco . Its premiere on November 2 resulted in a 9.5% “share” and just over 950,000 viewers, below that day’s “Yahora Sonsoles” (11.8%) and “Pasapalabra” (22%).

Subsequently, Mediaset decided to shorten the initial two-hour duration to offer just one daily chapter from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. The result: fiction has fallen to quotas of about 7% of the audience (the minimum was on Wednesday the 9th, at 6.6%), putting a heavy burden on the Albacete journalist’s news of its grind. In the end, Mediaset decided to air the soap on Divinity since yesterday after its bad dates and extend ‘Save me’ for another hour, so that the space will take up all afternoon.

The one who was the king of the evening with his news has gone from being comfortably in the lead thanks to the effect of the donut of ‘Pasapalabra’ to distancing himself from his competitors, even managing to fall back to third position , behind Carlos Franganillo’s ‘Telediario’. So far this month, “Informativos Telecinco” fell to shares of less than 9% in its nightly edition, a far cry from the chain’s current monthly average of around 12% “share.”

The worst figure was on Monday, November 7 with an audience of 8%, with just over 1.1 million believers. On the same day, on the other hand, Vicente Vallés won with 20.8% and 2.9 million viewers (it was the most watched of the day on television) and Franganillo scored on La 1 de TVE with 10.5% and 1.5 million followers. In comparison, the same Telecinco newscast had an average of 10.7% and 1,339,000 viewers in October, without the Latin soap as the opening act.

What Pedro Piqueras can boast of is that he has achieved the feat of beating the unbeatable ‘Telediario’ on TVE (until 2012, when the public channel lost its leadership) for the longest period to date. It was Mediaset’s CEO, Paolo Vasile, who contracted the journalist in 2006 to change the course of some news programs that failed to attract the public’s attention, despite the fact that Telecinco was the public leader at the time.

From that year, Piqueras began presenting the news at 9 p.m., a job that has remained practically intermittent (except in 2009, when it happened to run the after-dinner news for a while), becoming the oldest of the newscasts, with exception of Matías Prats on Antena 3.

Since then, the face of Piqueras has become another member of the family. Because nothing has changed in ‘Informativos Telecinco’ for 16 years: the same style of reporting, the same tune, the same position of the camera and the same set that, compared to its competitors, does not prioritize the virtual reality they have the latest technologies brought to television. Meanwhile, in the few interviews he admits, the 67-year-old presenter is already slipping that his retirement is getting closer. “I can’t be a stopper for a lot of people who come to do very well,” he recently looked back on the podcast ‘Buenismo bien’.

Source: La Verdad


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