France will vote this Thursday on whether or not to ban bullfights


A deputy of the ‘French Podemos’ wants to end the bullfights in the south of the country and takes the debate to the National Assembly

Aymeric Caron, anti-species deputy of La Francia Insumisa, wants to put the finishing touches on the bulls in France. Caron has introduced a bill to “abolish bullfighting”, which is currently “traditionally” allowed in the bullfighting departments in the southeast and southwest of the country, near the Spanish border. Among them was Bayona, who held various types of meetings between supporters and opponents of the party over the weekend. The debate reaches the National Assembly, which will vote on whether or not to abolish this show, which is still programmed in places like Dax, Arles and Nîmes.

French deputies will debate and vote on the bill introduced by Caron on November 24. The text, which was rejected by the Law Commission last week, has little chance of being approved. It may even happen that it is not debated or voted on due to time constraints. The National Assembly must examine other bills before abolishing bullfighting, and Caron’s has 566 amendments. They have until midnight to do this.

Bullfighting and anti-bullfighting have mobilized in the streets and on social networks in recent weeks to convince deputies to maintain or ban bullfighting in the south of France.

The French government is going to oppose the abolition of bullfighting, as it is a deeply rooted tradition in the south of the country, although it will give freedom of vote to the deputies of the presidential majority.

Oddly enough, Aurore Bergé, president of the Renaissance group (French President Emmanuel Macron’s party) in the National Assembly, signed a forum banning bullfights in July 2021, which she considers a “barbaric” act.

Delegates, regardless of political affiliation, are divided on the issue, between those who denounce the suffering of the bulls in battle and those who believe that local culture and tradition should be respected.

The anti-corridas, like Caron, feel that “it’s not culture, it’s torture”. “The bullfight is an anachronism in a society that is aware of the sensitivity and intelligence of other animals,” said Sébastien Arsac, co-founder of the animal protection association L214, who believes this bill “represents a historic opportunity for the fitness animal”.

Bullfighting fans have sent a document to the legislator with “20 reasons not to ban bullfighting”, explains André Viard, president of the Observatory of Bullfighting Cultures and coordinator of the Union of French Bullfighting Cities (UVTF).

Among his arguments are “respect for the freedom and diversity of cultural expressions,” “the right to distinguish communities in terms of their specificities,” and “the rejection of anti-speciesism that will ensue, if the prohibition is granted.” from bullfights, to the programmed destruction of many other traditions and sectors».

The French penal code prohibits cruelty to animals and punishes those who practice it, whether in public or not, with up to two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 euros. However, these provisions “do not apply to bullfights when an unbroken local tradition can be invoked”.

Caron argues that it is incorrect that bullfighting is “an unbroken local tradition” in the south of France. «It is not a French tradition, but a Spanish one. He arrived in France in 1853 to please Eugenia de Montijo, the Andalusian wife of Napoleon III,” confirms this deputy, who believes that the abolition of bullfighting is “one small step for the animal, one giant step for humanity ” will mean.

Timothée Houssin, deputy of the far-right National Regrouping party, claims that bullfighting is “an ancestral tradition, rooted in the southern regions of France, documented since 1289”. And he believes that what Caron “claims as one small step for the animal is the first step of an anti-species extremist agenda, enemy of traditions that tomorrow will try to ban hunting, pony riding, foie gras and fishing.”

Patrick Vignal, deputy of the left wing of Macron’s party, criticizes that Caron has not done his job as a parliamentarian properly, as he received only anti-bullfighting when preparing his bill. Speaking via video conference, Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona, ​​supported Caron’s bill.

Vignal, who has been widely criticized by La Francia Insumisa for taking part in a pro-corrida demonstration with National Regrouping deputies, believes that “behind the corrida is the real debate over the territories” and warns that if this bill is approved, the extreme right gets even more votes in the South of France.

Source: La Verdad


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