The artists selected in the ICA Shuttle start promoting their songs


This initiative, launched by the Community, aims to give visibility, promotion, distribution and professionalization to emerging musical projects

The Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts (ICA), together with music promoter and representation agency Son Buenos, is launching on digital platforms the songs of Se Ha Perdido Un Niño (SHPUN), Limalimón and Sissy, selected by the ICA Shuttle project, the community initiative launched with the aim of giving visibility, promotion, distribution and professionalization to emerging musical projects.

You can already listen to ‘El Palomar’, the first song of SHPUN, on the platforms YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer and Google Play Music. According to the authors, it is a single that invites you to an impromptu party and recalls LED lighting, modern poses and extravagant people. The group presents a musical proposal defined as rock, mixed with elements of punk and touches of funk, where humor is an essential part of the lyrics.

As for Limalimón, a group made up of four young people who, with only one year of experience, are already starting to make a name for themselves on the stages of the region, will see the first of their songs ‘Sleep alone’ on digital commercial circuits from next week on Friday 25 Nov . This band moves in urban pop rock with a live show full of energy.

The third of those selected, Sissy, releases the song ‘Rococo’, which is part of an intimate style she developed self-taught with guitar, ukulele and piano. This singer was also part of the program ‘Estudio abierto’, of the CREA plan, in which the ICA assigned a recording studio to several groups and soloists selected in it so that they could record their original songs, with a professional production, and distribute them digitally via Cream Music.

Source: La Verdad


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