Rafaelilo trusts Nacho Lloret from Alicante and appoints him as his agent


The team will also be joined by José Pérez-Hickman

Right-hander Rafael Rubio, Rafaelillo, already has a new manager. After the end of his professional relationship with Manuel Martínez Erice, the bullfighter from Murcia has decided to join his bullfighting career with Alicante Nacho Lloret, who will be Rafaelillo’s manager in the 2023 season.

Nacho Lloret, who started his career in the world of bullfighting at the hands of French bullfighter Simón Casas, has been working alone since 2019 and currently manages the bullrings of Alicante and Toledo.

Together with Lloret, José Pérez-Hickman, also from Alicante, also joins Rafaelillo’s team. Hand in hand with Lloret, Rafaelillo faces a new season in which he must be present at the most important fairs. After completing his first 25 years as an alternate in 2021, Rafael has shown his maturity and great professional moment this season.

Source: La Verdad


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