‘Microsonidos’ offers 40 music evenings with fifty bands of different styles in the Murcia region


‘Microsonidos’ offers 40 music evenings with fifty bands of different styles in the Murcia region

It is celebrated from next Friday, February 3 through April 7

This Friday, February 3 and until April 7, the 16th edition of ‘Microsonidos’ will take place in the region, which will offer nearly 40 concert evenings in which fifty bands of different styles will participate, with an expected attendance of about 8,000 people. The musical cycle is linked to the seal of quality ‘Festivals of the Region of Murcia’ and is supported by the Ministry of the Presidency, Tourism, Culture, Youth, Sports and Spokesman, through the Institute of Tourism. This support includes the award of grants to festivals well established in the Community, which on this occasion represented a donation of EUR 20,000.

The consultant Marcos Ortuño emphasized that “Microsonidos has taken a privileged place in the calendar of musical events in the country, where it has become an essential event.” After fifteen editions, “the industry, groups and bands have shown that they do not want to miss out on a festival that brings together, year after year, some of the best protagonists of contemporary, diverse and alternative music”.

“The success of this cycle is the success of the region, because we are aware of the importance of festival tourism, which attracts music fans from all over, and that visitors, overnight stays and certainly become tourists who want to return,” the consultant said. Within the tourism activity, the presence of short stay visitors who come for the celebration of specific events and leisure activities is essential, as is the case of live music festivals.

In this sense, the consultant recalled that the Region is distinguished by “having a varied offer of festivals that attract numerous visitors throughout the year, motivated by the quality and diversity of these events, whose common denominator is the high investment which , despite the short stay that the tourist makes during those days ».

As for the festival, in this 16th edition Ítaca joins the REM, Musik and La Yesería hall which, together with two centers dependent on the Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts (ICA), such as the Miguel Ángel Clares Hall, of the Víctor Villegas Auditorium and the Párraga Center form the stages for the festival in the city of Murcia and in the Murcian district of Santiago and Zaraíche, to which is added Mister Witt Café, in Cartagena, and other enclaves in Mazarrón, Cieza and Torre Pacheco, which complete the places where performances will take place this year.

The collaboration with the ICA is reflected in the transfer of the Centro Párraga with the concerts of Joaquín Pascual, Fino Oyonarte and Meca, scheduled for the night of February 10, and the creation of a new venue for the festival, the Víctor Villegas Regional Auditorium, with Señor Chinarro on February 25. Bands filling the nights with music this year include Rufus T Firefly, The Speedways, La Plata, Biznaga, Kurt Baker, Luis Brea, Airbag and Los Brazos, along with newer groups such as Margarita Quebrada, Otto, Mediapunta, Rococo , You Will See and some have established themselves quickly, such as Medalla, Jamie 4, President, Verona, Bum Motion Club, Victorias, Vuelo Fidji or Lucas Colman.

As always, ‘Microsonidos’ will feature artists from the Murcia region. This year they will perform with Marcelo Criminal, Los Astronomos, Higinio, The Rays On, The Golden Lips or Stahl Inc. One of the novelties of this year is the recording of the ‘Musical Appetizers’, which will be noticed on Saturday afternoon at Locoloco Vintage.

Source: La Verdad


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