‘Dialogues of art and wine’, new documentary by CRDOP Jumilla


The first part will be released this Thursday on the social channels of the winery entity

The CRDOP Jumilla presents this Thursday on its social channels (Youtube, Instagram and Facebook) the first part of its new documentary: ‘Dialogues of art and wine’. The first chapter, called ‘The vintage’, consists of three parts (‘The meeting’, ‘The inspiration’ and ‘The piece’) and three protagonists: the chef with 2 Michelin stars Pablo González-Conejero, the organic viticulturist Juan Molina, and the product designer Elena Gómez de Valcárcel.

‘El encuentro’ approaches the art of the grape harvest as a starting point for making wine in the DOP Jumilla area and unites it with the artistic field, which is where Gómez de Valcárcel’s task comes in, including the mission to create an exclusively inspired ceramic piece to create through this project. The project can be visited on the website www.jumilla.wine/arte-y-vino where the Jumilla PDO Regulatory Council values ​​creativity in viticulture and production, connecting the world of wine with design, craft and gastronomy.

As stated by the winery’s entity, “it is intended to appreciate the art of harvesting in the territory of the Jumilla Designation of Origin and give space to viticultural creativity.” The President of the CRDOP, Silvano García, states that “the very moment of harvesting the fruit of the vineyard is the starting point of the first chapter of the campaign, called ‘The vintage'”. The winegrower Juan Molina, a pioneer of biodynamic agriculture in our country, represents the more than 1,400 winegrowers of the DOP Jumilla. The documentary covers different places in Jumilla where the three protagonists talk, so that the designer can create an exclusive piece of ceramics, based on the grape harvest from the DOP Jumilla area. In the following videos you will visit the archaeological museum Jerónimo Molina in Jumilla, step on the ground and feel the textures, colors and aromas of the vineyards…

Source: La Verdad


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