More Critical Thinking and Philosophy at the Regional Library


The new program of activities features journalist and writer Juan Soto Ivars and the philosophers Remedios Zafra, Josefa Ros and Eurídice Cabañes

The Regional Library (BRMU) organizes a series of activities around philosophy, a discipline that encourages critical and autonomous thinking. These activities, carried out jointly with the Sociedad de Filosofía de la Región de Murcia (SFRM), in what is the first collaboration between the two institutions, include lectures, a reading club and a film series.

For example, the ‘Bibliosophy’ course will deal with various themes, both from the philosophical tradition and from the present. Inmaculada Hoyos will open the series of presentations on March 20 with the lecture ‘History and Ethics of Emotions: Philosophical and Literary Perspectives’, followed by Eurídice Cabañes, who will speak on March 23 on ‘Technoscience, Art and Video Games: Fictions and Frontiers’.

Sessions for the month of March will conclude with Ana Carrasco-Conde, who will be giving a talk on evil on the 25th, and Josefa Ros Velasco, author of ‘The Disease of Boredom’, will speak on the 30th about why ‘Being Bored (no) is stupid’.

There are two interventions in April. Nerea Blanco, creator of the “Philosophers” portal dedicated to popularizing philosophy, will visit the library on April 18 to deliver a lecture entitled “Philosophy or Barbarity.” On April 27, Juan José Lara, current director of the BRMU and PhD in Philosophy at the University of Murcia, will speak on ‘The (without) meaning of life’.

On May 3, the Murcian journalist Juan Soto Ivars will offer ‘Se va a liar’. Why are there so many reasonable ideas that we dare not express? Remedios Zafra, an essayist from Córdoba, university professor and researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the CSIC, continues, joining the cycle on May 9 with the talk ‘Thought as work. On philosophy and the present’; while Francisco Giménez Gracia, author of several works of a philosophical nature, such as ‘The Golden Legend of Philosophy’, ‘The Kitchen of the Philosophers’ and ‘The Glow of Bronze’, will close the cycle on May 16 with ‘The Ethics of disgrace in Japan’.

Likewise, the BRMU launches the ‘Athena’ reading club, focusing on philosophical works. At their first appointment in March, Philosophy teacher Marisa Cerrato will read with the members of the club the classic work ‘The banquet’, a well-developed dialogue with a content appreciated by Plato.

In the context of this collaboration between the Regional Library and the regional Philosophy Association, a film forum will also be organized at the beginning of the next academic year on one of the great philosophical themes: evil. Under the title ‘Thirst for evil’, films such as ‘Thirst for evil’ (Orson Welles), the work from which the series owes its name; “Into the Mouth of Fear” (John Carpenter); Hana Bi. Fireflowers’ (Takeshi Kitano); ‘They live’ (John Carpenter); ‘Wall Street’ (Oliver Stone); or ‘A Clockwork Orange’. The films shown will be analyzed by various philosophers and authors from the region, such as Alejandro Hermosilla, a European doctor of comparative literature and author of novels in which evil figures are a prominent theme, such as ‘Hammer’, ‘The Gardener’, and ‘A dark kingdom’; Enrique Ujaldón, Secondary School Philosophy Professor, Doctor of Philosophy, former president of the SFRM and author of several essays on political philosophy; o Nieves Soriano, Juan Ignacio Martínez and Onofre Martínez, professors of philosophy at IES Floridablanca in Murcia.

Source: La Verdad


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