‘Counting sheep’ and other premieres


Eneko Sagardoy, Natalia de Molina and Juan Grandinetti star in this feature debut by José Corral Llorente, an original black comedy with a touch of thriller. The main character is a lonely boy, undervalued by those around him, especially by his neighbor, a dangerous drug dealer. Everything will change with the appearance of three quirky roommates who will try to restore his lost self-esteem and make all his dreams come true, no matter the means or the consequences. The director creates a hilarious, sour and awkward world, where a drug dealer, a gruff landlady, moderns, a famous actress, junkies and up to three unique rams coexist. José Corral Llorente intends “that the viewer will laugh despite the harshness of the story and I hope they feel bad about it.” «In ‘Counting Sheep’ no one is good or bad. Everyone has a justification, legitimate or not, for acting the way they do.”

The space-like name of this French production refers to the suburbs of Paris, where social residential towers for working-class families were inaugurated by the Russian cosmonaut in the 1960s. The young protagonist of this film directed by Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh is a neighbor from the neighbourhood, the son of African immigrants, who, because of its dilapidated condition, tries to avoid the demolition planned by the municipality. The film begins with the real testimonies of the families evicted in 2019 to give way to a dreamy story in which the boy is carried away by his fascination with Yuri Gagarin. According to Fanny Liatard, “the main character launches an SOS full of light because in the ‘banlieue’ there is also a young person who wants to dream and not be trapped in the stereotypes of drugs and violence.”

‘Love is the Drug’ by Roxy Music and ‘Voyage, voyage’ by Desireless can be heard in this dramatic comedy by the Finnish Juho Kuosmanen, who won the Grand Jury Prize at the last Cannes Film Festival. The action takes place in the 1990s aboard a long-distance railcar connecting Saint Petersburg to Murmansk, in northwestern Russia, in the Lapland region. An introverted young Finnish woman who loves archeology will have to live for a few days with a dirty and drunk young man, very far from her at first. “If we all stopped pretending, there would be a real connection between people,” the director defends.

Source: La Verdad


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