Liam Neeson recalls a “sinister” memory of Bloody Sunday and the childhood trauma that still haunts him –


Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson reflects on how he grew up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles and how he asked how he survived that period of his life.

Speaking to AARP The Magazine, the Ballymina-born star recounted a specific moment after the bloody week that she called “infamous.”

He explained: “Last January was the 50th anniversary of what is known as Bloody Week, when British paratroopers killed 13 of our people in the streets of Derry, Northern Ireland.

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“And I remember that day when everything was incredibly quiet and so disgusting. I lived in Belfast for a long time. Now I think about it. Why did you survive?”

The Hollywood actress was speaking prior to the release of her latest movie “Memory,” in which she plays an elderly killer battling dementia.

Neeson also recalls how he still remembers a certain childhood memory.

“When I grew up in these little terraced houses,” she said, “I remember hearing a female neighbor beat up her drunk husband every weekend.”

“He’s dead now, but it’s a memory I can still remember. I’ve been talking for about 50 years now. It’s kind of PTSD.”

Memory will be released in the US on April 29, and the UK date has yet to be announced.

Source: Belfastlive


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