‘Morbius’: Dr. Jared and Mr. leto


The actor once again shows his ability to transform in this version of another character from the Marvel team, a kind of super vampire with identity problems

Physically transforming for his roles, whether he’s covered in pounds of makeup or staying on the bone, Jared Leto likes very much, who applauded Joker in “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” whose charisma was diminished in the montage earlier in “Squad.” suicide’. Many theatrical roles have been defended by this man of a thousand faces who probably accepted the proposal to play Morbius, a character from the Marvel catalog that is as attractive as little known to the general public. It is appreciated that they dare to adapt less popular comics, with some creative risk, this time under the Sony umbrella, in the vein of ‘Venom’.

The project has gone through an uncertain journey, due to its nature and due to the shocks of the damned pandemic, but it is finally making its debut on the conventional exhibition circuit, which casts some doubt on its reception, as happened in its time with the just ‘Los new mutants’, which fell completely outside the usual formula. Apparently, the proposal may look more like a horror movie than any other adaptation of the superhero genre. Part of the starting square like a rare bird, waiting for its repercussion in the unpredictable cash register. To get into the case, the main character is closer to the tragic figure of the antihero than to that of a champion of good use. In fact, his extraordinary abilities seem like a curse. He is a cool vampire who is torn between good and evil, between life and death, because of his thirst for blood.

Leto’s mutation in ‘Morbius’ is not just physical, it’s emotional, functioning as the main claim of a film that cuts across genres and shows a sinister side. The ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ and ‘The House of Gucci’ actor plays Doctor Michael Morbius, a top chemist who suffers from a rare blood disease. In one of his experiments in search of a cure, he becomes an undead with an enormous vitality that also involves enjoying the virtues of various powers that are as sensational as they are spectacular. The single vampire has tremendous strength and speed to eliminate hiccups among other things. But the price to pay to feel alive isn’t flattering.

Matt Smith, Adria Arjona, Jared Harris, Al Madrigal and Tyrese Gibson accompany a devoted Leto led by Daniel Espinosa, creator of “El niño 44,” a historical thriller freely inspired by the crimes of serial killer Andréi Chikatilo, known as “the butcher of Rostov”, convicted of murdering and mutilating 52 women and children in Soviet Russia. Also of his crop is “The guest,” with Denzel Washington as a former undercover cop who appears to want to switch sides with Ryan Reynolds, and “Life,” whose premise in space made an outrageous reference to “Alien.” Here, he strives to offer a shady show that will upset anyone going to see another movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

From the outset, the reviews are disastrous, which can be a plus in certain cinematic circles. Let’s not forget that the starting character was created by Roy Thomas with a design by Gil Kane and first came to light in the early 1970s with a depiction of a villain, like Dracula’s lookalike, although he doesn’t have all the features of the myth. shares. by Bram Stoker. His appearance on paper was in response to the end of the ban on the inclusion of macabre and supernatural themes in cartoons.

‘Morbius’ expresses a common premise in fantastic cinema, the concept of a monster seen at a crossroads, in this case ethical and personal. To survive, he has to cross many boundaries. “Morbius is looking for a cure for his disease,” says the director. “He will find her no matter what it costs him or society. And in the process, it eventually becomes something he hates. You have to accept the darkness within you, and that is very nice. That is its strength, which makes it unique. There are action sequences and copious visual effects to the delight of those who approach the film with an open mind.

“It’s the character’s inherent humanity that makes him so captivating, that duality between virtuous man and wild creature,” adds Espinosa, who calls himself Sweden’s second-biggest comic book fan. Who will be the first? “Michael Morbius is one of the most altruistic characters in the Marvel Universe. He is one of the few who truly believes in the good. He is a good man with a terrible disease, and in his effort to save himself and others, he becomes a monster.” The beast is released and everything gets complicated. “He has to accept his fate to become a hero,” he points out for the lead. “She has to accept her newfound powers and understand that she can still be the same person. The most interesting characters in the Marvel universe have always been the ones with one foot on either side, such as Magneto, Rogue, Wolverine, and Venom. Those are the characters that really fascinate comic book viewers and readers.”

Source: La Verdad


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