‘Top Gun: Maverick’: nostalgia and spectacle


A traumatized Tom Cruise survives a tacky approach that leads to a tense ending, spectacularly resolved. A well-known exercise in pure nostalgia with good action images sailing through the clouds

The billboard is complicated, many movies are suddenly released after the return to normalcy and it is usually one or two titles that take the cat to the water in terms of publicity and big profits. The blockbuster of the time dominates the media and monopolizes popular taste. It’s hard to strip ‘Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness’ from number 1 in the rankings – there ‘Five Little Wolves’ takes second place at the box office with the best collection per copy -, and an anticipated title beckons all of that is about the current excessive exploitation of nostalgia by the cultural industries, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, sequel to the hit starring the immortal Tom Cruise in the mid-’80s. A film that stood out in its day for its aggravated romance and the pull of the main cast, starring from ‘Cocktail’ at the helm, to ‘Risky Business’, ‘Rebeldes’ and ‘Legend’, which coincided with ‘The Color of money’. “Top Gun (Idols of the Air)” eventually catapulted the career of one of the few, if not the only, actors from a defunct era that still draws viewers to theaters. All the more reason for such a brilliant star, in spite of himself, to return to his glorious role more than three decades later, which will soon be said. In this sequel, they do not have their former partner in fiction, Kelly McGillis, still active, nor with the shadowed Meg Ryan, an issue that has caused some controversy in networks. This time, the sentimental feminine touch brings Jennifer Connelly, who was barely sixteen years old when the start of what could become a juicy saga was released.

‘Top Gun (Idols of the Air)’ was directed by the remembered Tony Scott, an interesting film maker in the context of commercial cinema at the time, who left us too early. This unexpected sequel is dedicated to him, whose command is taken by Joseph Kosinski, who accepts an obvious assignment after discreetly signing titles like “Oblivion,” where it coincided with Cruise, or “Tron: Legacy,” his elongated debut. He was better on ‘Heroes from hell’ where he teamed up with Connelly. His job in the premiere that concerns us is to give shine to a minimal plot that serves as an excuse to show spectacular scenes, especially in the last piece, the best of the set (including, of course, the protagonist who runs like the devil ) . To reach the tense climax, with breathtaking aerial shots, you must go through a series of pastel scenes that define the tormented and rebellious nature of Cruise’s role, emotionally influenced by the memory of ghosts from the past. Friends who are no longer there, but his descendants do, with whom he must associate at a military base where he guides a group of young pilots. The Relay has to go on a suicide mission that they are apparently unprepared for.

Before arriving at the target with his fighters and bombing it, set in a “rogue state” as described, where there is no flag and possible ideological blunders are shaken off, Cruise acts like a teenager with the things of love , recalling some scenes from the eighties tape. Nostalgia is very present, it is the engine for the viewer and the reason for the existence of the project. Recordings are made that inevitably refer to the original work, especially by pressing the accelerator pedal on the motorcycle. Cruise, of course, does not wear a helmet and cuts off the wind with an incomprehensible smile, in contrast to his demeanor aboard the plane. Aside from an Instagram moment on the beach where the main characters flaunt their bodies under the sun, perhaps the most emotional moment of the movie is Maverick’s meeting with Iceman, read Val Kilmer, especially if we’ve seen “Val,” the documentary dedicated to the latter recently premiered on Filmin. The simplicity of the conflict and the synthesis of the story in general is the greatest virtue of a premiere featuring the likes of Miles Teller, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Charles Parnell, Bashir Salahuddin, Monica Barbaro and Ed Harris wholly devoted to the accusation.

Source: La Verdad


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