Rafaelillo, Ferrera and Puerta start on the shoulders in Caravaca


Triumphant and entertaining afternoon on the return of the festivities in the city of Vera Cruz, with half capacity covered and good work

The bullring of Caravaca de la Cruz, on the Day of the Region of Murcia, restored a date and the bullfights after seven years. Half the capacity was covered, with a full one in the alley, where the President of the Community, Fernando López Miras, was present, accompanied by the person in charge of bullfighting in the region, Francisco Abril. The national anthem was not missing when the paseíllo was broken. With this atmosphere and a lot of heat, the first bull of the afternoon jumped into the ring, without rags. Rafaelillo greeted him well with his cape amid a cloud of dust. He gave to the public. The chestnut was not used, as he did not have one for the left python. What he had for right was taken out by the right-hander in a job of trading, starting with muletazos by grabbing high up the barrier. He coupled invaluable matches in the round, well strapped to the chest. When the bull got wrapped up and stopped, Rafaelillo persevered at close range with intelligence. He killed completely in a good spot, but Rafael had to use the executioner, with which he repeatedly lost the trophy.

He took revenge with the fourth, bull with the best auction, for which the Murcian took the maximum trophies. Two long services and a hasty mass of honors were the greeting. Meaning was the toast to his mother. He started his job with muletazos on his knees and from then on the job was very much in front of him. Albarreal’s lacked finishes, which did not hinder the right-hander from Barrio del Carmen from squeezing him into a task devoid of aid, fighting the flights of the crutch, and in which he was well above the bull’s circumstances. The last Bernadines had to adapt before they threw themselves with the soul to kill and received an effective sword blow.

The second had the nobility to follow the canvas. Antonio Ferrera, who appeared in a cape of the same blue color as the bullfighting suit, was showy and varied in the first third, both in the galleo for chicuelinas and in the offshoot for aprons. He cheers to the respectable and his first part of the job was pregnant with bullfighting, bonding and indolence. There were muletazos in slow motion, of a fainted figure, with a high aesthetic content. When the office lost the pace, the Extremadura had no problem shortening the spaces and letting the antlers reach the bag. After a flat tire he took a good volapié and ran the first trophy of the celebration.

The chestnut tree that came in fifth had a background. It lasted and was perfectly understood by Ferrera, who showed his specific bullfighting on this bull, sprinkled with inspiration. He ordered the band to stop fighting with no musical background and with a refined technique he extended the muletazos further than expected. The decorations, the baroque shapes and a stroke of the sword, preceded by a puncture, formed a very complete whole with a very personal staging. In this he walked two ears.

Antonio Puerta presented his first bull to the President of the Autonomous Community. Earlier, he had greeted Veronica with courage to the burraco. The crank task had virtues, such as the verticality and connection of the series. Albarreal’s eventually stopped and Puerta went between pitons to take out two full circulars from behind reaching the lines. The final blow, laden with faith, gave way to the award of two appendices.

Cehegín’s stalled with the capote toward the chestnut tree that closed off the square. The speedwells from the move and the auction stock had taste. He made a toast to Rafaelillo’s father. Stripped of his shoes, he put together a task in which he was fresh with ideas, drawing very long natural lines. The matches in the round flowed nicely and after a few luquesina’s he closed his worries with a few nice assists. An effective lunge on the second attempt completed a triumph of four ears.

The exit on the shoulders of the bullfighters summed up an afternoon of bullfighting in which the public enjoyed themselves.

Source: La Verdad


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