Andy Cartagena and Filiberto triumph in the return of the bulls to Calasparra


El Fandi also managed to cut an ear to the first of his party, but couldn’t get to the big door

Good afternoon lived yesterday in the return of the bulls to Calasparra with the victory of Andy Cartagena and Filiberto, who cut two ears each. El Fandi also scored, but was unable to enter the grand door his companions reached in this bullfight, planned as a cattle competition, in which the Spartacus bull was awarded.

Andy Cartagena first encountered a cardinal with Benítez Cubero’s iron, with whom he was deeply devoted due to the animal’s lack of cooperation. He posted a single penalty rejón, leaving the banderillas with great certainty and success. It leaked before leaving the death rejón in a good place. Ear earned.

Cartagena returned before a quarter of the afternoon to teach a lesson in trade, a bull that struggled to get around and follow the mountains. Very showy, he performed another task of great depth before the public. With the death spear he was successful and got the ear that was missing to open the great door.

The Pallarés bull, whose fight matched David Fandila ‘El Fandi’, was a weak specimen. Up to four pairs of banderillas supported the right-hander from Granada. The task lacked emotion due to the few starts from the desk. Fretting from the trade ended with a deep puncture which was enough. He was carrying a trophy.

Albarreal’s copy lacked power. El Fandi wanted to take advantage of this animal by fighting with skill at close range. He killed with a puncture, lunge and pitting, and greeted an ovation from the third. Few options for a willing bullfighter.

Filiberto wants to stop being a humble bullfighter and he demonstrated that in his city and for his people. His performance, with the bull of Spartacus, full of value, had passages of delivered bullfighter. He pushed hard until he had earned enough earnings to open the big door. Entering to kill his enemy, Filiberto was caught in a very ugly way. At first it was feared that he would be impaled, but luck was on his side. Masterfully the beginning of the task of Filiberto to the bull of Fuente Ymbro. A series about the right python followed that brought the audience to their feet. It is a pity that he seemed to be bothered by the blow of the catch and had to drop out due to a possible injury to his left knee.

The jury of the bullfighting club El Quiet de Calasparra decided to award the following prizes: Best bull for ‘Leviticus’, by Juan Antonio Ruiz ‘Espartaco’; Best bullfighter: Filiberto and best picador, Juan Manuel Elena.

Source: La Verdad


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