The Magician Yunke, world magic champion for the third time


The jury unanimously awarded him the highest international recognition of illusionism

The magician Yunke has won the FISM Magic World Championship for the third time, this time with the unanimous consent of the jury for his creative ability, his acting skills and his spectacular staging.

The world championship, which will be held in Quebec from July 25 to 30, has awarded magician Yunke the greatest international recognition of illusionism in front of more than 150 participants and more than 2000 magicians from all over the world, Ifema Madrid said in a statement.

“It represents the highest seal of quality and a global honor for the return of the Hangar 52 Revolution show, which will celebrate this new success from December 1 to January 8 in Ifema Madrid,” he emphasized.

His proposal in the Canadian city was an adaptation of two of the big songs from his show Hangar 52. Yunke already rose to the top in his previous edition in Korea 2018 as world champion.

The World Championship of Magic, FISM, is the world’s largest Magic event, organized by the International Federation of Magical Societies, which represents more than 50,000 magicians and illusionists from 32 different countries.

The first international prize was held in 1948 and since then it has been held every three years, making it a truly magical Olympics. During its 74 years of existence, the championship has been mainly held in various cities in Europe, in addition to landing in Japan, China, Korea and now Canada.

Co-hosted with Ifema Madrid, Hangar 52 will be held in Pavilion 1, converting the more than 5,000 square meters into “the largest theater in the city, housing a spectacular production and original set design to bring the largest production to life.” to bring magic ever seen until now.”

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Source: La Verdad


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