‘The Snow Girl’, starring Milena Smith from Murcia, is already the best premiere of a Spanish series on Netflix


The production is an adaptation of Javier Castillo’s novel of the same name

That ‘The Snow Maiden’ would be a success could already be guessed before the premiere last Friday. However, the results it achieved in less than a week have broken records and exceeded expectations, as the series starring José Coronado and Milena Smith from Murcia has become a global phenomenon and one of Netflix’s biggest national successes. Specifically, it has positioned itself as the best premiere of a Spanish series since the platform shared data, with 31.83 million hours played over the first three days.

The series of 6 chapters is the adaptation of the novel of the same name by the writer Javier Castillo. In it, the two protagonists, Mirem and Eduardo, played by Coronado and Smith, are two journalists from the newspaper SUR who become fully involved in the disappearance of a girl in Malaga. The truth is that the story has all the ingredients to succeed: it is a fast paced and dark ‘thriller’ based on a ‘bestselling’ novel and with two great actors at the helm. Little needs to be said about Coronado’s extensive career, and words abound for Smith, the young woman born in Elche with strong ties to Murcia, who has been nominated twice for a Goya in just a few years and is already one of the last ‘girls’ Almodovar’.

Both star in this story that has been one of the most watched in Spain from the first moment of its premiere, but whose success transcends borders. According to Netflix audiences, “The Snow Girl” is currently the second most watched worldwide, behind only “Lockwood & Co.” and surpassing other crowd successes such as ‘Wednesday’ or ‘La Reina del Sur’.

After these high marks, it is remarkable the position it holds among the audiences of numerous countries around the world. According to the portal flixpatrol.com, which tracks the ratings on various platforms, the series is in the “top 10” on Netflix in more than 60 countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy or Argentina and other exotic countries , such as Jamaica or Mauritius.

Given the success of this audience, the creator of this story, Javier Castillo, did not hesitate to thank on his Instagram profile the great reception and the expressions of affection that viewers left him on social networks. “Thank you, world. Thank you fam for making this utter madness. Thank you for embracing Miren’s story and guiding her in the search for Amaya. What a true dream. What a joy to know that the entire planet is my world comes in and longs for a little bit more to play with the soul,” he said in his report.

Source: La Verdad


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