The most popular baby names in Northern Ireland 2021


Manchester City player Jack Greerish may have influenced the choice of the baby’s name last year in Northern Ireland

Jackie and Grace were named the most popular registered baby names in Northern Ireland in 2021.

The official list was published today by the Statistics and Research Agency of Northern Ireland (NISRA).

Grace has topped the list of the most popular girls since 2018 and has appeared in the top three popular names for 16 years in a row. Jackie was last number one in 2014, 12 years in a row, and has been in the top three most popular players since 2000.

According to the boys’ names, Noah, who shared the lead with James in 2018 before finishing third in 2019 and 2020, was close to Jack, the most popular name. James, who finished first for six consecutive years in 2015-2020, trailed in third.

Leo joined the top 10 for boys in 2021, for the first time since 2018. Among the top 100 for boys, the most popular climbers for 2020-2021 were Seth, Connal and Sony.

In 2021, the boys were given some less common names: Americano, Apollo, Bentley, Harlem, Jet, Napoleon and Sunny.

For girls, Emily remained the second most popular girl in 2021, taking the spot for the last four years in a row, while Viadi took third place after breaking into the top ten in 2020.

Among the top 100 girls, the most popular climbers from 2020 to 2021 were Ebi, Kali and Maya.

In 2021, little girls are called by less common names: Blessing, Bluebell, Destiny, Dove, Fleur, Journie, Life, Precious and Serenity.

Birth registration in 2021 contained the names of 929 children who had not been used before. Blockbuster movies, popular TV series, current celebrities, and memorable places are still an influence for some parents.

Top 10 Northern Ireland baby names in 2021


  1. Jackie – 193 kids
  2. November – 191 kids
  3. Giacomo – 173 children
  4. Charlie – 155 children
  5. Oliver – 131 children
  6. Theo – 119 children
  7. Leo – 117 children
  8. Kilyani – 116 children
  9. Finn – 115 children
  10. Harry – 114 children


  1. Grace – 182 children
  2. Emily – 150 children
  3. The Redeemer – 149 children
  4. Olivia – 148 children
  5. Island – 138 children
  6. Sophie – 128 children
  7. Aweve – 122 children
  8. She – 111 children
  9. Anna – 106 children
  10. Sophia – 102 children

You can learn more about these names and others on Nisra’s interactive whiteboard, which makes it easy to find the names, number, significance and origin of children registered with this name.

Source: Belfastlive


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