A thug stamped a hole in a woman’s face during the assault with steel shoes


Andrea Hearn

The monster who punched a woman in the face while wearing steel boots has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of attempted murder. Andy Hearns, 32, launched a “brutal and protracted attack” after forcibly breaking into his co-worker’s home in Ratford on November 24, 2020.

The court heard that he was fed two bottles of vodka and returned home with the intention of getting money and jewelry before launching a horrific attack. The 58-year-old victim got a “kick” and sustained facial injuries after Hearns hit a steel shoe in the head.

He fractured his eye sockets, cheekbones, and a fallen jaw from a severe blow and described how Hearns ruined his life. Hearns was sentenced today (Monday) to life in prison of at least 21 years after being found guilty of attempted murder at Nottingham Royal Court.

Judge Gregory Dickinson QC called it a threat to others because he was sentenced to life in prison for “appalling violence” that left the victim “bleeding heavily”. At the sentencing hearing, the woman explained in a statement how the attack affected her life.

Hearns, he said, ruined my life as I knew it. You ruined my look. He kicked me in the face and kicked and punched me.

“He broke my face and skull for reasons I can’t guess as if I only knew him. I couldn’t walk properly. I could no longer see properly and lost my sense of smell.

“Now I can’t write, I can’t prepare, I can’t clean, it’s depriving me of my independence. Mind and memory have changed because of the attack.

“Now I am unable to work. I found myself in complete financial trouble because I could no longer work. I am worried about losing everything I have worked so hard for since I was 18.”

The victim also said her beloved dog was so badly injured in the attack that his nerves changed weeks and months before his untimely death. Police said officers who called the address encountered a “shocking scene”: a large amount of blood was seen on the floor and walls.

Hearns, who escaped from an upstairs window when officers arrived, was arrested about an hour and a half later in Retford after an attack on his home. He tried to hide the evidence by showering and washing his bloodstained clothes.

Hearns did not comment when questioned by police and later said he was too drunk to remember what happened. He eventually pleaded guilty to premeditated serious personal injury but denied that he had intended to kill his victim.

Detective Detective Stuart Temple of Nottinghamshire Police said after the case: ‘It was one of the most shocking and disturbing crimes I have faced in my police career. The level of violence used against the smaller and more vulnerable female victims was almost incomprehensible.’

“He spoke very candidly about the horrific effect Hearns’ disgusting acts had on his life, and I would like to commend him for the courage and dignity he has shown throughout the legal process. Even if today’s very long prison sentence will not undo the enormous damage he has suffered, I hope it still gives him some relief. .

After he first stated that he had no recollection of the attack, Hearns later admitted fewer allegations of causing serious personal injury. However, our whole argument was that Hearns’ intention was not to inflict serious injury, but to kill his victim.

“I am delighted that the jury has agreed to the evaluation and that Hearns will now spend a very important period of his life behind bars.

Source: Belfastlive


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