National Court Condemns Former Judge Fernando Presence for Inventing Counterfeit Documents


Enough with the National Court Fernando Presence. A former judge in Talavera de la Reina, who has been tried several times and disqualified in court for the goodwill of friends, filed a lawsuit against former President Jose Luis Rodriguez Patero and Attorney General Dolores Delgado a few days ago, where he accused both of money laundering. Tax havens and part of a criminal organization responsible for a thousand murders in Spain. The magistrate not only denied this complaint: he referred the case to the judges of his hometown if he used the settlement with forged documents.

The history of Fernando Presence’s problems dates back to 2012, when the General Court of the Court (CGPJ) imposed sanctions on him and expelled him from Valencia, where he worked in a commercial court. Due to the issuance of commercial law courses he was forced to move out of the city without the necessary permission.

Then began his firm belief. The first was approved by the Supreme Court in May 2017: a decade-long disqualification due to the superiority of a friend in uncertainty accused of hitting. A second year and a half later, the same criminal court upheld: another decade of disqualification for the goodwill of a friend being tried in court for fraud. He was subsequently sentenced to more than two years in prison for false accusations and defamation against Talavera de la Reina prosecutor Angel de la Cruz.

The Presencia has since devoted itself to clearing accounts with those who signed their sanctions and convictions. Twice convicted of judicial corruption, he founded the Association Against Corruption and the Protection of Public Action (ACODAP), in which he used legal action and questionable information about those who harmed him: Margarita Robles and Manuel Almenar, members of the CGPJ, who carried out sanctions. In 2012, even Pablo Larena, Luciano Varela and Manuel Marchena, Supreme Court justices who upheld his multiple convictions.

Recently, a former judge – who continues to present himself as dean of Talavera de la Reina – joined Santiago Royella and uploaded his complaints and statements on material known as the “Royuela File”, thousands of documents. YouTube Conspiracy. An alleged file that places prosecutor Jose Maria Mena as the leader of a secret criminal organization responsible for hundreds of murders in Spain and which has been updated. In a recent update handed over by the press to the National Supreme Court, José Luis Rodrესguez’s patron paid Dolores Delgado’s assets to a Panamanian bank to be charged to the organization.

Judge Joaquin Gadea of ​​the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals for the National High Court ruled in favor of the defendant, who, according to the press release, “is seeking a thorough investigation into all these tangled and compromising allegations”. A promising case that escalated into a rejection of the complaint and charges against him in the Talavera courts. “No information is provided as to who submitted or where the documents were obtained, or briefly, who prepared them, when or to whom they were sent,” the judge began.

Forged documents

He then announces his intention to take the case to the Talavera courts if the documents he uses are forged. The prosecution spoke of “rough composition of some letters” and the judge added that he did not rule out the possibility of appearing before the “ex profeso” documents because of a specific fact that condemned, which does not rule out the temporary nature of this moment, further action to investigate the same possible false nature. Awesome, says the judge, how Presencia lodges a complaint and tries to distance himself from “notitia criminis” so as not to have to respond to it.

This, in Gadea’s view, shows “the same small solvency, not only in its frivolous and credible nature, but also in an intention which goes beyond what is permissible in a State of law in which the penitentiary system is conceived as a guarantee.” “Avoid situations like today.” And recalls that Fernando Presence and his association “did not cease to file various letters against the government, the judiciary and other higher institutions of the state without greater support and grounds than the” alleged complaints “which came to their mail; That is, always protected by anonymity, which prevents any serious, strict and respectful rule of law, in a broad and guaranteed sense. ”

Now his city courts will decide whether to add Fernando Presence to the new criminal case after the three convicts, in this case based on falsified documentation of his complaints. Falsified documents, the source of which is not hidden: “(Important note. – tion with accompanying documents entered in the ACODAP Complaints Mailbox by Investigator Santiago Royella Summit)”, the complaint reads.

Source: El Diario


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