Explosive Alcohol Accident – Act in Cobra Affair Delivered in Korneuburg


According to a spokesperson, the act was delegated to the public prosecutor in Korneuburg in the investigation into the Cobra affair involving two bodyguards from the family of Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP). It was previously reported that the Wiener Neustadt prosecutor’s office had officially opened an investigation into a “known person”, which was confirmed at the request of APA. There is abuse of office.

Due to the explosive nature of the case, the investigation was forwarded to the Vienna Public Prosecution Service. The latter in turn delegated the matter to the authority in Korneuburg.

Nehammer and his wife are not suspects
The Interior Ministry and Cobra director Bernhard Treibenreif did not comment on the APA request on Wednesday. They don’t know who is being investigated. According to “Austria”, the suspect would be neither Chancellor Nehammer nor his wife Katharina. Since the Cobra task force is based in Wiener Neustadt, it could be an official.

The case concerns two Cobra officers who allegedly caused an accident involving physical damage in their company car after being drunk with the Chancellor’s wife. Many questions about the incident have remained unanswered so far. There were allegations — from anonymous sources — that Nehammer could have intervened to cover up what was happening — which Nehammer himself angrily dismissed as false.

In the anonymous letter, Rijp is also accused of “misuse of office”. He allowed himself to be “carried away” by the chancellor to change the officials’ working hours so that the incident would officially fall within the two’s free time. Triebenreif also dismissed the anonymous allegations after they arose. The allegations will be checked very carefully, but he can say the truth is “very, very low” and “we will report everything”.

Source: Krone


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