Daniel O’Donnell bids farewell to the Antrim woman on the second anniversary of her death


Singer Daniel O’Donnell cheered Antrim Pepia’s family and friends on the second anniversary of his death this weekend for an impromptu concert.

Jacqueline (Jackie) Ward passed away on March 28, 2020 at the age of 62 after a short struggle with ovarian cancer.

His death occurred a few days after Northern Ireland entered the lock at the beginning of the epidemic.

This means that her family – including her husband Gary and her three children Lisa, Ricky and Barry – were unable to attend the funeral and wake up due to the very strict restrictions in place at the time.

But after two years, Jackie finally gets her application for a good job with the help of the famous Donegal Kroner.

Jackie Ward died

Daniel, a friend of Jack’s family, sang Saturday night at his memorial at St. Joseph’s Church in Antrim.

And that he came from Tenerife specifically for the occasion, he did not stop there. Later, in celebration of his life, held at the city’s Rococo wine bar, Daniel sang for another two hours!

Jackie was originally from Waterford, and one of her sisters, Loretta, worked for many years before Daniel retired.

Family friend Adrian Bell told Belfast Live: “Daniel sang some hymns in church that night and before he sat down to eat, he was forced to sing.

“Someone actually said that once he got up there, he wouldn’t stop and that’s exactly what happened. He just stayed up for two hours and made the fans sing as many of his songs – it was amazing.

“As someone who wasn’t a huge fan before, he’s now a legend in my opinion that he’s doing this for Jack’s family!”

Adrian added: “It was just right because Jackie has always been the life and spirit of the party and has traveled all over the world. His funeral two years ago was one of the first to shut down. His remains were taken straight from the house to the cemetery. While gravediggers were dressed in Hazem’s costumes.”

“So Saturday at church was very emotional because we had the opportunity to receive him properly and Daniel’s impromptu performance made it a wonderful evening.”

Source: Belfastlive


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