Eamonn Holmes pays homage to his father on the 31st anniversary of his ‘sudden death’


Eamonn Holmes on a new breakfast show

Eamonn Holmes paid tribute to his father on the anniversary of his “sudden death”.

Leonard’s father, a Belfast man, suffered a fatal heart attack at age 65 when he was returning home from a trip to Balikas on April 4, 1991, with his wife Josephine and son Connor.

Eamonn was not as present at the time of his father’s death as he was in London.

Speaking on Instagram, the presenter paid tribute to his father a day before the 31st anniversary of his death. He said: I lost my father tomorrow, 31 years ago, without warning.

“A wonderful character, a father model and a good man. I am happy to say that she lives with her five children. RIP Leonard Holmes. Never forgets.”

Fans immediately reloaded the comments section with messages of support, with one writing: “Send me a hug and as you say it lives in your family,” while another added: “Sending love to you and your family. Eamonn.”

Another fan sent us his condolences and wrote, “Sorry Eamonn. The pain won’t go away completely. Prayers and love.”

Eamonn recently gave a candid interview about his father’s death on RTE One’s The Meaning of Life.

Speaking about her upbringing, the announcer revealed that she once feared for her life after struggling to breathe for several weeks after her father’s death.

“I was once in Israel and started to feel bad,” he explained. “My heart started pounding and I lost my breath, I got really dizzy and fell to my knees.

“I thought I was going to die like my dad died. My dad passed away six weeks ago. I got lost and then realized I was in an ambulance. Thinking about it now makes me really nervous.”

Source: Belfastlive


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