Some kind of queen would do us good


No, of course these lines are not meant to be about a desire to return to the monarchy. But: It’s nice to see that Queen Elizabeth’s funeral in London has brought the British together in continuing turbulent times. Could an Austrian leader do the same?

It is fascinating that the natural death of a 96-year-old woman can unite people from all over the world, even in these turbulent times. What’s more: thousands of people waiting for hours to see a coffin for a few minutes; Thousands of people camp in the freezing cold to catch a glimpse of a grieving family, and top state guests come from around the world to offer their condolences. That’s what happened this Monday.

What people appreciated about the queen
This, of course, was no one’s funeral. The Queen, who has been the face of the country for more than 70 years, has been known to most Britons since childhood. She was not only the mother of the nation, but also a stabilizing factor that was always there and everyone’s calming influence. A fixed constant. That seems to have been good for the people.

No politician has long stopped
Unfortunately, no modern politician is able to have this effect on people anymore. Although they are directly elected by the people and thus elected by them, they still lack the unifying charisma, credibility and consistency. Especially after Corona and in the middle of the war, they cannot fill this gap, despite their political capacity to act. It’s been a long time since a politician gave people support.

Scandals, ego trips and broken campaign promises
What happened? Well, many scandals and ego trips have certainly not done the reputation of the politicians any good. Parties that prefer populism over integrity have divided our country. And the many broken election promises robbed us Austrians of the last bit of confidence. No wonder that even in times of crisis hardly anyone trusts politics anymore!

“serving” a country
Queen Elizabeth II promised at her coronation in 1953 that she would “serve” her country. These are great words, which the queen accomplished to the end. Our politicians should take this as an example.

Source: Krone


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