Target practice in the forest – police found illegal weapons arsenal in Klagenfurt


Loud gunshots in a forest on Tuesday night made a hunter and his wife suspicious. When they found out that there were no hunters around at the time, they immediately alerted the police. In the course of the investigation, officials eventually came across a very illegal arsenal of weapons…

The hunter had discovered a car in the forest near Eberndorf, but it immediately drove on. He also informed the police patrol upon their arrival, which immediately led to a search. SIG and EKO Cobra were involved in this.

“The findings could quickly establish the identity of the vehicle’s owner,” confirms Waltraud Dullnig of the Carinthia State Police Headquarters. “The 21-year-old Lower Austrian was soon discovered and his self-loading rifle was confiscated.”

Sagittarius had met on the internet
During the interrogation, the young Lower Austrian stated that a second man involved was a 23-year-old from Klagenfurt. “The two met online and agreed to try their weapons out in the woods,” police said. “Then they shot aluminum cans and pumpkins.” Back in Klagenfurt, the Lower Austrian handed his weapons to the man from Klagenfurt and drove on.

The man from Klagenfurt was then quickly found – the officers found what he was looking for in his mother’s apartment. “He also admitted that he was present at the target practice,” police said. “During the inspection we found two long guns, a few loose pieces of gun barrel, grips for pistols and ammunition.”

Dullnig: “Using police dogs, we found a whole arsenal of weapons in a light shaft in the underground parking garage.” There lay a large number of prohibited weapons, ammunition, war material, pistols, silencers and smoke grenades. Both suspects were reported and a gun ban was issued.

Source: Krone


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