No wage round demanded – are the politicians on strike?


Christmas preparation among the country’s politicians. No Advent wreath is safe from them. Reason enough for them to be happy: without a round of zero wages, the people’s representatives will soon collect even more. “Krone” Viennese boss Michael Pommer about crippled biscuits, crooked trees and fatal signs.

Have a nice Tuesday evening.

Now the time has come again for politicians to weary us with their contemplation. Any Advent wreath on the Christmas tree that has not yet reached three is mercilessly set on fire and the fir trees are hung with sparklers, hearts and baubles until they give up and hang their arms in such a way that even the worst barking beetle can’t handle it. Harmony as a competition – who has the biggest tree, who has the most beautiful crib, who makes the best gift loop? In the eagerness to cheer up the other parties for Christmas, many also make mistakes.

Source: Krone


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