Austrian sport needs new draft horses in 2023


“Krone” sports director Peter Moizi writes today about his hope that Austria will also bring out athletes in 2023 and beyond, who can inspire people in our country with cheers …

Cheers! An all but intoxicating year came to an end, Austria celebrated the start of 2023 after the pandemic on New Year’s Eve. And the red-white-red sports world can look forward to the first normal January since 2020 after the Corona madness.

No audience restrictions, conditions and rules for the winter sports classics – full arenas at the Four Hills Tournament. It’s going around again! In total, around 150,000 visitors are expected to visit the ski evergreens in Kitzbühel and Schladming.

We can only hope that Austria starts the new year perfectly with victories. Not easy …

The ski ladies follow the sense of achievement and the surprise dismissal of the three-time Olympic champion Matthias Mayer clouds the mood in the ÖSV camp. Not a rosy prospect, five weeks before the start of the World Championships in Courchevel and Méribel.

But great events give hope for the birth of new heroes. For example, Stephan Eberharter captivated the entire country like crazy with two gold medals at the World Championships in Saalbach in 1991, Johannes Strolz wrote a ski fairytale for the last time at the 2022 Olympic Games with his dream flight.

Beautiful stories that distract from the tense daily life, new draft horses that the country needs. To inspire people with cheer, to motivate young people for sports with success, to proudly present little Austria in the big sports world.

Source: Krone


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