The right to housing


For the first time in democratic Spain, the government will legislate on housing. And all that comes to mind for People’s Party President Alberto Núñez Feijóo is to accuse lies – “Zapatero abolished the habitual residence deduction” when Rajoy was there – and to propose a failed prescription – “build more housing because , with more homes, the lower the prices»–. Between 2005 and 2007, more buildings were built in Spain than in the rest of the European Union and we all know the result: prices rose like foam and the real estate boom led to one of the worst economic crises due to the outbreak of the bubble that formed. In the 1980s, almost half of the homes built were social. With the arrival of José María Aznar in power in 1996 and his privatization law of 1998, the construction of social housing was paralyzed and the price of houses, which were built in abundance, continued to rise, as it was seen as a speculative investment. . All countries around us have much more social housing. To reach them, the purchase of houses should not be subsidized – the market is becoming more expensive – and use that money to build social housing, penalize its sale to ‘vulture funds’ and blow up tourist apartments.
Source: La Verdad

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