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The Ministries of Justice and Finance yesterday started a negotiation process with the associations of judges and prosecutors ahead of the indefinite strike that all professions in the sector – except the two progressive ones – have been calling from the 16th and which the judicial administration threatens to to deposit . The increase in remuneration and the rationalization of the workload, which entails an inevitable reinforcement of material and human resources, are demands that arouse the unanimous support of these officials, although there are differing opinions among them on how to channel them . The protest organized at the gates of the 28-M local and regional elections reflects the deep malaise in our country’s courts, where the surge in litigation in recent years has exacerbated structural problems that have not been addressed by this government or others that preceded it, which greatly hampers the functioning of the judiciary and reduces its effectiveness. It is no coincidence that the strike that the executive is now trying to prevent was preceded by another judicial lawyer – who obtained monthly raises of between 430 and 450 euros – and announced by justice officials and lawyers on duty. The only power of the state based strictly on the professionalism of its members, backed up by years of preparation, resistance and experience, requires working conditions at least as dignified as those of the rest of the administrations. The organizers of the strike condemn that the requested salary update has been pending since 2009, which has no justification whatsoever. Citizens will always have more faith in a system that fairly rewards the people who ultimately interpret the laws and determine how the scales of the law tip. And also in a company that has the necessary resources – both personnel and infrastructure – to carry out in ideal conditions the high degree of responsibility entrusted to them, which is far from reality given the persistent neglect to which justice has been subjected in recent years . decades. Giving it the priority it deserves implies, first of all, reaching a reasonable agreement that prevents indefinite unemployment and preludes the substantial improvement that the functioning of the courts requires.
Source: La Verdad


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