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Asics X Vivienne Westwood Gel-Kayano 27 LTX: the collaboration between the sports brand and the British designer continues with a new sneaker.

The iconic collaboration between the sports brand and the British designer continues with a new exclusive sneaker Asics X Vivienne Westwood Gel-Kayano 27 LTX. The high performance collection is presented with a campaign directed and choreographed by Holly Blakey. Through a continuous dynamic shooting, a colored and textured backdrop, where dancers move and intertwine in their own world.

Asics X Vivienne Westwood Gel-Kayano 27 LTX: il video

“In this film, I really wanted to capture the playfulness and color of this high performance collection, imagine the exaggerated terrains they could operate on and rediscover the mischief that I see inherent in the Westwood world. There is an agility in the shoe, a sense of lightness and a practicality that offers space to the choreographic game, there is the game between speed and brightness, and it becomes the heart of what we have created. The dancers move through the colors, ”said Holly Blakey.

The exclusive Asics X Vivienne Westwood Gel-Kayano 27 LTX is inspired by the controversial SEX collection by Westwood and McLaren from 1974, who challenged the status quo through provocative outfits. The references to the collection are all over the sneaker: rubber details referring to office clothes, t-shirt zips with tears and slogans, bondage leather.

Inspired by this look, the Gel-Kayano 27 LTX is built with a rubber upper and side zip presented in translucent matte material and stylized Westwood orb from which Asics details are glimpsed in a neoprene inner sock, creating the look of a latex pantyhose.

It is not a running shoe, but the sole of the Gel-Kayano 27 LTX retains the same performance characteristics as the Gel-Kayano 27, with advanced materials and the construction of the Gel and Dyanamic Duomax pads, which work together as part of the Asics IGS technology ( Impact Guidance System). This system incorporating ASICS proprietary technologies meets the biomechanical needs of various sports and provides smooth, efficient movement for natural performance.

Time honored and distinctive, both Asics and Vivienne Westwood are brands that find their strength from the quality of their styles and materials, using advanced and innovative technologies through their work. It is the sharing of these stylistic philosophies that forms the inspiration for this ongoing collaboration.

The limited edition will be available in 3 colors: black, lilac and orange in Asics and Vivienne Westwood stores and online.

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