The neutrality lie of the Austrians


In the UN, Austria voted morally equal, but against neutrality. We finally need to debate this.

Neutral: No other status report reassures the Austrians as much as this one. Since our primary school days we have known, believed and hoped that the eternal neutrality guaranteed by the State Treaty protects us as much as it protects our Swiss friends and neighbors, who had their last military mission with the repulsion of a Habsburg knightly army. We often forget that since this year they have spent and given a lot of money to the military and national defense. The Swiss always take everything so seriously. Neutrality is still pretty much a state religion here, but those in the State Department are certainly more aware of how this policy has been put into practice since we joined the European Union. Whatever the case, it is never discussed, if at all, and the chancellor refuses to get involved in unpleasant details.

Source: Krone


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