Glamping Named Best in Northern Ireland


Angels Isabel Gartlan Ferguson and David Ferguson

Named the ‘Best Glamping Site in Northern Ireland’.

Ness Wood Glamping was named the best glamping spot in the country at the 2nd annual Glampitect Awards.

Located in the Berntolet Valley at the foot of Ness Wood Country Park on the outskirts of Derry, the site is home to four luxury parks complete with a barbecue hut and an outdoor hot tub.

Owners Isabel Gartlan Ferguson and her husband David Ferguson opened the business in February 2020, just weeks before the pandemic began.

Isabelle and David

Isabelle said: “It was a huge surprise to be nominated for Best Glamping as we are new and yet to establish some of the most amazing places in Northern Ireland.

“We were so proud to have won the award. We just opened on Valentine’s Day weekend two years ago when the pandemic hit many cancellations so hard, so I didn’t imagine something like this would be a plus for everyone.

“We decided to open our departments to NHS staff, which would allow them to stay for free, and we were happy to be able to do something for them in the toughest conditions. We have worked hard to achieve a unique camping spot where guests can relax and create happy memories.

Bud Glamping

“This award has given us the confidence to move forward, expand our services and make our luxury location a place people will remember and where they need to come back.”

Future plans include expanding the site to seven luxury brands, as well as offering wedding packages and team building.

“I’m sure a brighter moment awaits us now after the two dark years of Covid,” Isabel added.

“We have very interesting plans for the future and I cannot know how the site will develop and what benefits it will bring to society.

Founded in Edinburgh in 2019, Glampitect is the UK’s premier glamp web design consultancy.


Co-founder Ali Young said, “Nice Wood Glamping is the newcomer to the Glamping Awards.

Nominated by satisfied guests, they have won an audience vote for the best magical setting in Northern Ireland by providing a tranquil setting for those who want to reconnect with nature.

living room

“It’s an excellent base for those exploring the sights of the area and offers very comfortable accommodations.

“The addition of mega perks such as hot tubs, a barbecue hut and a cozy indoor communal meeting place is what makes this luxury coveted and worthy of the 2021 Glampitect Award for Best Campsite in Northern Ireland.”

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