“We could have looked the other way, as happens too often with the migration theme”

The man who ordered the Aquarius salvage is in his office. He has a state-of-the-art computer on the table, a few stacked files and the red phone to run the operations through Instagram. For a few days, he took the student poster off the wall and put a NATO family photo in its place. Whoever Photoshops the royal family has added the little heads of the Finnish and Swedish prime ministers behind, as if they were emblems.

Suddenly a notification comes on the mobile. The man who ordered the salvage of the Aquarius recoils. There have been “incidents” during an attack on the Melilla fence, Moroccan police have done their thing and dozens of migrants have died. “Something has to be done,” he mumbles. Minutes later, the man who ordered the rescue of the Aquarius stands in front of the microphones and says in an icy voice: “It was a violent attack, well-organized, well-committed and in this case I think it was well resolved by both security authorities, from Spain as well as from Morocco».

Three days later, when thirty sub-Saharans are dumped in mass graves in Nador, the man who ordered the rescue of the Aquarius flips through a book before going to bed. It is the ‘Resistance Handbook’. He reads a random paragraph, as he does every night. He is talking exactly about the Aquarius: «We could have looked the other way, as happens all too often with regard to the question of migration». Suddenly he feels uneasy, like a wizard who has discovered the trick, and thinks that maybe if the Public Prosecutor… Then he falls asleep. He dreams that Biden finally comes to see him. Elusive old Joe.

Source: La Verdad


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