A burglary investigation is launched on Shankill Road after a man confronts his home with an axe


Shankly Terrace.

Police are investigating reports that the man was threatened with a hat during a violent robbery.

Investigators are seeking information Sunday, April 3, after a report of a home burglary in the Shankel Terrace area.

Detective Inspector Carol Dane said: “After 11:50 a.m., it was reported that two men entered the property around 1:00 a.m. and demanded money from the occupier.

“One of the suspects threatened the landlord with a hatchet before he left the property with cash.

“The victim, who is 60 and immobile, is physically unharmed during the incident, but is clearly very affected.

One suspect was described as having shoulder-length black hair.

“Our investigation into this incident is ongoing and we are appealing to anyone with information, or who may have been in the area at the time and witnessed any suspicious activity, to contact us at 101, 03/04, citing 676./22.”

The man declined to comment on the address he targeted when approaching Belfast Live.

The PSNI also warned families about the risk of coming into contact with domestic offenders.

Detective Inspector Dane said, “Robbers often break into homes when residents are in the house looking for property, ‘looking for someone’ or ‘looking for drugs’, when in reality these criminals are only looking for money and money. Steal valuables. other.

We want to take advantage of the situation and encourage the public to report any suspicious activity, as it may be vital to our investigation. We also urge residents to keep an eye on their neighbors and do everything they can to protect their homes.

“With the weather increasing and people starting to spend more time outdoors, it is very easy to leave the windows open when we go out or close the front doors before going into the back garden. This is all a thief needs to get into your home. Even when you are at home, we recommend that you close Doors and windows.Our advice is to close, block, check.

“You can take some practical steps to support your home and family. Never leave doors locked and never leave your keys in a dangerous place (such as under carpets or flower pots), check who is at your door before opening and remember not to leave any money or valuables on display.

“You could also join a specific neighborhood or neighborhood monitoring program and consider installing an alarm or other security device in your home.

“If you need more advice or information, call 101, where you can speak to your local crime prevention officer.”

Source: Belfastlive


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