On the mend – Will Wallner return to work in October?


Can Markus Wallner resume his duties as governor in October? Apparently some within the party accept this. Wallner went on sick leave in June.

The Vorarlberg People’s Party apparently assumes that Governor Markus Wallner (ÖVP) can return to office in October. This was reported by the ORF Vorarlberg. ÖVP representatives declined to confirm or deny this on Thursday. On June 22, Wallner took several weeks of sick leave. His duties in the government were taken over by state governor Barbara Schöbi-Fink, in the party councilor Martina Rüscher (both ÖVP).

Back after the summer holidays?
“It is true that he is recovering. He is on the mend,” says Schöbi-Fink. “That gives me and us the confidence that he can get back to work in a few weeks.” But Wallner still needs some time. According to the report, the governor could return are at the first session of the state parliament after the summer holidays on October 5. “If you take a few weeks as a starting point, that might be a possible date. We certainly hope so,” says Schöbi-Fink. But nothing is certain. She is still in touch with Wallner on important issues and government work continues unabated.

The party was also cautious. Wallner’s health is actually better, it said. A decision on a return date has not yet been made.

Business association affair
“Unusual efforts” were cited as the reason for Wallner’s sick leave. In addition to Covid and the consequences and inflation, the turbulence within the party that resulted from the Wirtschaftsbund affair was also meant. Wallner himself was targeted by the judiciary for allegedly asking for advertisements for the Wirtschaftsbund-Zeitung and promising political accommodation in return, which the governor has always vehemently denied.

Source: Krone


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