Greek police storm Athens camp to deport refugees


According to local media, there were hundreds of migrants in the camp, of whom only about 30 people moved “consensually”. The refugees refuse to move, partly because they do not want a “second uprooting”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Greziako Polizia Atenasko kanpamentu batean sartu da errefuxiatuak kanporatzeko

The Greek police is the refugee camp of . this Thursday eleonasthe only one found in Athens that housed some 1500 peoplein front of evacuate and relocate refugees in other areas of the country.

Notis Mitarakis, Greece’s Migration Minister, announced it this morning in a tweet in which he also deplored the “resistance” of a group of “immigrants and solidarity”.

The protesters erected barricades before the arrival of the police, with whom they exchanged tear gas, stun grenades and stones, Greek media said.

Despite the efforts of the authorities, they only managed to transfer 30 of the few hundred migrants remaining there “consensually”, a tactic the NGO says. Solidarity with migrantsis being used as a “lever to pressure, divide and oppress the struggling immigrant women’s bloc”, and they claim the consent was obtained “after many threats and lies of the camp leadership.

The refugees refuse to move because they don’t want a “second uprooting” are transferred to camps in the interior, but instead demand to stay there until authorities assure them a house in the city.

They also ask for the worker renewals that they have given them psychological and legal support and that with the closure of the camp they will lose their jobs because their transfer to other camps is not planned.

Another reason for his refusal to switch is that: live in harmony” with rural people and have access to education and health care, which according to the Workers’ Initiative work better than inland; In addition, they assure that the closure of this camp “breaks” efforts to integrate these people.

The MeRA25, left-wing party of the former finance minister yanis varufakishas the condemned “brutal suppression of the Mitsotakis regime” and recalls his opposition to the evacuation of the camp, which was used by the government as a sign of the quality of Greek refugee camps.

The closure was planned for May 30, but the numerous protests on the part of the migrants, supported by various organizations, have forced the authorities to postpone the final closure, although some transfers have taken place in recent months.

The Athens City Council approved its closure by a narrow majority and as part of a plan to build a commercial area and even a football stadium in this economically backward area.

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Source: EITB


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