“Completely legal stuff”: Marin defends wild partying


Can government leaders celebrate? Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin faced huge criticism after a video was published online of her visibly intoxicated, dancing wildly in an apartment with friends. Rumors of drug use are also circulating. The 36-year-old first responded to the allegations on Thursday. “I’ve danced, sang, partied – all very legal stuff,” she confirmed the video’s authenticity. The Social Democrat vehemently denied drug use.

Marin commented on the release of the party video ahead of a session of her party, the Finnish Social Democrats, in parliament on Thursday.

Videos were taken “a few weeks” ago
As reported by Finnish TV channel Yle, the prime minister said the videos were made private a few weeks ago and she thought they would remain private. Eventually, the videos gathered on social media.

Marin makes publication angry
“It annoys me that the videos have gone public,” Marin said. “It was an evening with friends, with parties – yes, also exuberant – dancing and singing.” She then moved to two bars with her friends, including a Finnish influencer, an artist and two presenters.

Marin emphasized that she did not use drugs at the party, only drank alcohol. “I’ve danced, sang, partied – all very legal stuff,” she said. With her celebrations, she also wanted to show that “normal people with a normal life” work in the government. “I have a family life, I have a work life and I have free time to spend with friends. Just like everyone else my age.”

Finnish politician Jiri Keronen of the right-wing populist party Perussuomalaiset raised the drug charges. He posted a screenshot of the video to Twitter, reportedly showing white “lines” in the background.

Even coalition partners advocate drug testing
Sports presenter Aleksi Valavuori then demanded on Twitter that Marin and everyone present in the video undergo a drug test. If she doesn’t, “it is clear that drugs were used at private parties held by the Prime Minister’s circle of friends and that the Prime Minister himself is aware of it”. Finnish MP Mikko Kärnä of Marin’s coalition partner, the Center Party, also called on the prime minister to conduct a drug test and publish the results.

Not the first faux pas
Marin’s personal life is a regular topic of conversation in Finland. The 36-year-old likes to party. Marin can often be seen at music festivals or in clubs and bars, and she also shares videos or photos of events on Instagram. During the corona pandemic, Marin once had to apologize publicly for a party where she and those in attendance were not wearing masks.

Source: Krone


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