Ambiguous picture – Russia sanctions: a quarter want a complete end


The Austrians see the sanctions against Russia very differently because of the war of aggression against Ukraine: more than a quarter (26 percent) of the population is in favor of lifting the sanctions, twelve percent for easing. On the other hand, a fifth is in favor of tightening the sanctions, 19 percent believe that they should be continued as usual. The rest have not committed.

Between August 10 and 18, 1,615 people aged 16 and over were interviewed online and by phone in the current APA/ATV “Österreich Trend” by Peter Hajek. The fluctuation range is plus/minus 2.4 percent.

42 percent do not believe sanctions against Russia will have an effect “now or in the future”. Eleven percent believe in this question, “yes, you can already see that clearly”, 28 percent believe in a medium or long-term effect. 19 percent did not dare to give a rating or did not provide any information.

Sanctions would hurt both
Most respondents (46 percent) believe that the sanctions will do more damage to the EU. 14 percent say the sanctions hurt Russia more, just under a quarter (24 percent) think they hurt both equally.

Unsurprisingly, inflation remains a major concern among the population: 28 percent of those surveyed described the fact that energy and food prices have risen so much as a “very big problem” for themselves, and another 42 percent as ” rather a problem”. A good fifth see for themselves ‘prefer no problem’, only six percent see ‘no problem at all’.

Most restrictions on shopping and heating
According to the survey, 43 percent cut back on purchases (of clothing, shoes, electronics, etc.), as did the same number on heating and household energy. Restrictions on eating out and going out are given by 41 percent, as well as on daily purchases (groceries, etc.). 39 percent save while driving, 36 percent on vacation. 15 percent indicated that they did not limit themselves at all.

Source: Krone


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