EH Bildu calls for an end to the war to reverse the economic and energy crisis


At the opening of the political course, Arnaldo Otegi has denounced the importance of the political and economic elites in prolonging the war. Likewise, it advocates tackling the climate crisis with structural measures and defends Basque sovereignty to face the challenges of the future.

Euskaraz irakurri: EH Bilduk gerra gelditzeko deia egin du krisi ekonomiko eta energetikoa iraultzeko

The political table of EH Picture met today in San Sebastian to thoroughly analyze the political situation and the challenges we will face political course that starts, mainly three: reversing the situation of war and crisis, confronting the climate crisis and promoting Basque sovereignty.

According to the general coordinator of the training, Arnaldo Otegi, “the summer has confirmed the reflections that we have shared with the Basque people as a whole in recent years”.

In his address to the media, he referred to the fact that “there is a global dispute over geopolitical and military hegemony committed to the continuity of war in Ukraine“They tell us to prepare for the fall, they tell us it will be difficult, but they don’t tell us the reasons behind it,” he warned, referring to the coalition’s failure to share the idea that Putin is like sole responsibility for events.”The war and the strategies of the energy lobbies are the most important cause of the inflationary tensions we are suffering with the consequent devaluation of our salaries and pensions,” he pointed out.

He has assured that “war is not irreversiblethe economic recession is not irreversible”, going on to say that “EH Bildu the framework of the irreversibility of an economic recession and energy crisis that is predicted for us as a result of the commitment to a war that is increasingly deployed as a geopolitical chess piece in the struggle for political and military hegemony on a global scale”.

He has insisted “firm rejection” of the coalition of the Russian invasionjust as it “rejects the militaristic strategy imposed by the US and accepted by the EU”. Exactly, he has appealed to the strategic autonomy of the European Union and to the promotion of the United Nations as the sole framework for conflict resolution. “We must stop the war and seek political and diplomatic solutions,” he stressed.

EH Bildu has also underlined the need to pact on the protection of nature and against the climate crisis. “The indisputable evidence of climate change requires measures of a structural nature in our mobility, production and consumption habits,” he warned, remembering that “either we radically change our consumption and production models, or we go straight to climate collapse and civilization”. In this sense, he has pointed out that “capitalism is doing nothing but endangering the life of the planet and all its species”, and has ensured that there is no reformist solution to climate change.

Faced with this “political and socio-economic exceptionalism”, the nationalist coalition is once again arguing for the Basque institutional sovereignty“the need to have political instruments on social, economic and energy issues is becoming increasingly urgent”.

In the economic context, the coalition aims to promote measures “that prevent the permanent devaluation of the salaries and pensions of the Basque social worker majority”. openly displayed in favor of intervention in the energy or real estate sectorto defend, inter alia, the well-being and rights of citizens, the right of access to energy and the right to housing.

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Source: EITB


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