Urkullu will advocate for “joining forces and promoting cooperation” in light of Euskadi’s “urgent challenges”


This is one of the ideas he will convey in his speech at the general policy plenary session to be held in the Basque parliament on Thursday.

Euskaraz irakurri: Urkulluk “indarrak batzeko eta lankidetza bultzatzeko” deia egingo du EAEren “challenge handien” aurrean

The Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, will speak during his speech at the General policy plenary meetingin need of “join forces and stimulate cooperation” in the light of the “urgent challenges” facing the Basque Country in the short and medium term.

The Basque government today put forward the general lines of Lehendakari’s speech in the debate, which will come halfway through the parliamentary term. Urkullu will evaluate the work done so far, although he will focus on the country’s challenges. As he recalled, Euskadi is under the effects of the “string of three global crises”” — the economy, health and those generated by the invasion of Ukraine — for which he believes “collaborative governance is essential”.

In this sense, he will recognize and thank the “general position” maintained by the Basque parliamentary groups, as well as the attitude of the Basque institutions as a whole. “There have undoubtedly been differences. But this has not prevented open the channels for dialogue and collaboration. We have made agreements and they have paid off. This is the most important,” he explained.

“The stability and culture of agreement and cooperation are an asset of our country,” he will underline.

According to Urkullu, Euskadi must develop “own agenda” in this “climate of uncertainty”. An agenda to be based on five strategic actions: promoting social cohesion, continuously improving public services; actions for employment, industry, public investment and sustainable growth; developing a response to climate change; faced with the demographic challenge and betting on young people, and the internationalization of Euskadi.

The Lehendakari will reserve part of his speech for: self-governmentsince, as you will recall, 43 years have passed since the adoption of the Gernika Statute. As he will denounce, the Spanish Constitution has been amended twice in these years and the Gernika Statute is the only one that has not been updated.

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Source: EITB


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