From 10,000 euros – Corona subsidies must be in the database in the future


The federal government has implemented its plan to include corona funds from 10,000 euros in a transparency database. The budget committee gave the green light for the plan on Tuesday. In a next step, the legal framework will be adjusted.

The corona financing for companies from 10,000 euros per year must be stated in detail. The exact amount, company name and zip code of the company must be provided. This includes funds from the Covid-19 downtime bonus, loss compensation, fixed cost subsidy, lockdown income compensation and Covid-19 payments for agricultural and forestry activities. All benefits paid since December 31, 2019 must be entered in the database. An update is scheduled monthly.

As announced in the summer, the benefits from the NPO support fund will also be made public. These are kept up to date that amount to more than 1500 euros per calendar year. These funds are intended to be listed on the website of the Federal Ministry of Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport. With the votes of the ÖVP, Groenen, FPÖ and NEOS, the application for the “NPO Fund Act” was passed.

Criticism: not all requirements included
While representatives of the ruling parties spoke of an “important milestone for transparency and tax fairness”, opposition parties criticized that not all subsidies were included. Karin Doppelbauer (NEOS) added that multiple financing is also not evident. The NEOS had previously demanded that more people have access to the transparency database and that the limit would already be 2000 euros.

The government parties have suspended discussion of this proposal on Tuesday. The next step is to adapt the legal framework so that the project can be implemented.

Source: Krone


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