The prefecture has banned protests over the release of ETA prisoners Jakes Esnal and Ion Parot. to ask


Both have spent 32 years in prison in France, sentenced to life in prison for participating in several attacks.

Euskaraz irakurri: Jakes Esnal and Ion Parot ETAko presoak baldintzapean aske utzi ditu Frantziak

French justice on Thursday granted conditional release to former ETA members Jakes Esnal and Ion Parot, who were sentenced to 32 years in prison in France for participating in several attacks with the Argala commando.

The chamber for the application of fines of the Paris Court of Appeal, which had held a hearing for each of them on July 21, rejected the prosecutor’s appeal against their release, previously decided by the same body but with a different composition.

According to EFE reports, citing judicial sources, Parot’s parole, who is being held in Muret prison (near Toulouse), will take effect on October 13.

In the case of Esnal, which is located in Lannemezan (near Tarbes), this will happen on the 18th of the same month.

They will have to be home for a year with an electronic bracelet and with certain departure times per day.

At the end of this twelve-month probationary period, they will have another ten years during which they will also be subjected to a series of judicial checks and restrictions, especially in their movements. Some of these restrictive measures have to do with the victims of the attacks.

The prosecutor’s office has five days to appeal to the Supreme Court, but even if it did, it wouldn’t suspend the trial’s decision on his release from prison.

Jakes Esnal, along with Ion Parot and Frederik Haranburu, was arrested in Iparralde in April 1990 immediately after the capture in Seville on the 2nd of the same month of Henri Parot, the latter’s brother.

Because the three are French nationals and France has not extradited its nationals (this has changed with European orders within the European Union), both were tried in Paris and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Haranburu managed to get parole in November 2020, but not the other two, who have remained behind bars.

Henri Parot is indeed imprisoned in Spain, but no longer for his conviction for the crimes of the Argala commando, but for another crime that was later committed in prison.

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Source: EITB


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